Teeth Whitening Kit for Dentist-Level Tooth Whitening Effect Sensitive-Free Enamel Safe Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Unisex Red Box

Brand GlorySmile
Price AED 135.0
Discount 12.0%



About this item

  • Package Contents :: 1×LED Light Accelerator(6 Lights) With Auto Timer Settings, 1×Silicon Mouth Tray, 6×PAP+ Gel Teeth Whitening PODs, 1×Shade Guide, 1×User Manual.
  • Strengthening :: The teeth whitening system has the Hydroxyapatite (HA), which improves the matrix of teeth helps it to get more stronger and it also has the ability to promote tissue regeneration which cures and strengthens the damaged gums.
  • Protecting : Potassium citrate helps relieve pre existing sensitivity, and provides long term protection form external stimuli that cause discomfort.

Product Info

Department Unisex Shelf Life 2 year

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