T3 3-In-1 Home Laser Hair Removal IPL Pink/White

Brand MLAY
Price AED 388.0
Discount 56.0%


IPL'Intense pulsed light,Inhibit hair growth principle ,IPL works on skin, produce heat energy, hair and melanin absorb and convey to the hair bottom.Which can prevent hair growing 【Automatic light emitting】/large area continuous flashing removal such as thigh and arm Suitable for large area of hair 【Manual light emitting】 /small area single flash Suitable for armpit bikini and other small areas of hair removal

About this item

  • Single Lamp 500000 Pulses,3 lamp holders,you can change HR,SR,AC, lamps for different needs.HR lamp for hair removal,SR lamp for Skin rejuvenation,AC lamp for Acne
  • 【HR lamp】 is used to remove hair, inhibit hair growth, achieve the effect of hair removal, which can be maintained for a long time Three weeks of work
  • 【SR lamp】 improve loose skin, bright and tighten skin,make you more glossy
  • 【AC lamp 】suitable for people whom easy to have acne and oil face,after using6-10times,the acne will disappear, so skin will be smooth and clean.

Product Info

Colour Name Pink/White Content Details 1 Formaldehyde Free
Country of Origin China Department Unisex
Model Name T33INPK Model Number T33INPK
Target Hair Type All Hair Types What's In The Box 1x Hair Removal Device(Contains 1x HR lamps), 2x Lamp Holder (1x SR, 1x AC Lamps), 1x Adapter, 1x Safety Glasses, 1x Instruction Manual

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