Sensitive Gel Liquid Detergent Marseille Soap And Almond Milk White 4.8L

Brand Persil
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Developed in 1907, Persil was the first self-acting detergent. Its revolutionary formula that released oxygen during washing made strenuous rubbing of the laundry superfluous. Ever since, Persil has always set the pace of time to serve society's changing needs, combining innovation and continuity. Persil was for instance the first to launch a phosphate free detergent in 1986, demonstrating that sustainability is part of the brand's heritage. After this, many high performance innovations followed, such as the first Liquid in 1987 and the first concentrated Powder in the form of Megaperls (1994), the unique pre-dosed DuoCaps. Persil has put its focus on combining performance with convenience in order to serve today's consumer. A result of this effort is the successful launch of Persil Discs: 4in1 chambers, which offers perfect stain removal, freshness, brightness and fiber care of your laundry. The renowned Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research describes the brand's equity well: "Persil combines washing performance, top quality and modernity." The war is over, Persil is back. Everybody just seems to have been waiting for it: Scarcely is Persil back in the stores after the end of the Second World War, it is quickly sold out up to 75 percent. For many Persil means getting back to normalcy, to peace. "Persil once again comes from Düsseldorf" announces a gigantic banner over the Rhine bridge. The product name is again brought to mind all over Germany with neon signs, pennants and posters. The detergent formula was changed only very slightly: Visual brighteners were added that were to lend the laundry an even purer white.

About this item

  • Enriched with marseille soap and almond oil for perfect cleanliness and protection
  • Dermatologically tested and proven safe for babies and those with sensitive skin
  • Complete stain removal for tough stains
  • Excellent for both machine and hand washing
  • High quality and efficiency for your washing machines

Product Info

Colour Name White Country of Origin Germany
Formation Liquid Item Pack Quantity Single
Model Number GI0384053511 Item Qty 1
Size 4.8 L Target Use/Application Washing Machine

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