Prive Maison Sandalwood EDP Men's Perfume 100ml

Brand Niya
Price AED 36.0
Discount 74.0%


All Niya fragrances are Eau de parfum (EDP) and created with the highest quality perfume oils. They have a higher intensity of scent due to the concentration level of oils used to create the perfume. They typically last longer on the skin, up to 6 hours (dependent on the wearer). Perfect to wear during the day as well as night. With a mix of scents, the perfumes are suitable for both men and women, except for the exculsive ranges designed for men and women separately. 


We are convinced that our uniqueness can help us make Beauty more efficient, inclusive and effective. We innovate more and more day after day.Your expectations have shifted dramatically in this new era: you expect more individualized relations and ongoing dialogue with us and with the brands you use; you expect personalized advice on choosing and using products; and you count on an immersive and unique purchasing experience, with direct access to our products.


Our commitments focus on three key areas - the planet, the people, our products – with multiple initiatives and day-to-day actions to achieve our goals. Because we committed to do everything in our power to be exemplary.

About this item

  • The top notes are an interesting blend of earthy, spicy and fruity thanks to the aromatic combination of Cypress, Cardamom and Apricot
  • The creamy, dreamy, sweet heart of Muguet, Violets and Tuberose changes the mood making you feel more happy and uplifted
  • This symphony of scents finally comes to a close with the zen of Sandalwood, the comfort of Vanilla and the warmth of Musk
  • Great nightime scent
  • A modern, young and vibrant interpretation of addiction
  • Best quality construction ensures a lasting use
  • This product has been professionally inspected and tested
  • A premium product with a sense of reliability and encouragement
  • We assure the authenticity and quality of our products

Product Info

Fragrance Size 100 - 119 ml Scents/Notes Woody
Colour Name Maison Sandalwood Base Note Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk
Heart/Middle Note Muguet, Violet, Tuberose Top Note Cypress, Cardamom, Apricot
Size 100 ml Department Men
Product Subtype Eau de Parfum What's In The Box Niya Prive EDP-100ml
Dispenser Type Atomizer Model Number Niya Prive Fragrance 2
Model Name Niya Prive Fragrance 2

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