Pixie Dust Nail Chrome Powder Enchanted

Brand iBi
Price AED 39.0


Directions for use with iBi Flawless Gel Polish: 1. After two coats of gel polish, use iBi U-Shine (no wipe top coat) and cure in the LED for 45 sec. 2. Apply iBi Pixie Dust using an eye shadow sponge applicator and rub onto the nail (a little powder goes a long way) and when satisfied dust off any excess with a dusting brush 3. Apply a final coat of iBi U-Shine and cure in an LED for 45 Directions for use with iBi Nail Lacquer: 1. After two coats of nail polish, use iBi All in One Base/Top coat and wait until it is dry to the touch but still dentable 2. Apply iBi Pixie Dust with the tip of your finger and rub carefully onto the nail ( we recommend using your finger as that is how you will be able to moderate the pressure as the top coat is not fully dry) 3. Apply one coat of iBi All in One Base/Top coat

About this item

  • ✓ BE BOLD, DARING AND MESMERIZING WITH iBi's Pixie Dust chrome powder. Stand out in the crowd with beauty and presence with one of iBi's 5 Pixie Dust collections with over 34 fantastic chrome powders
  • ✓ ALL POWDERS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL: iBi's Pixie Dust is a premium chrome powder composed of super fine particles that allow a seamless finish when used in Gel and Nail polish applications. Don't settle for any thing less than the best.
  • ✓ MYSTIFYING HARDLY DEFINES HOW YOU FEEL as you watch your newly gelled or nail polished nails transform into amazing works of art with iBi's Pixie Dust blend of Chrome Powders, be it Flakes, Mermaid, Mirror, Chrome, Holographic, Aurora or Iridescent nail powder. Your imagination is truly the limit.
  • ✓ Available size: 1g Jar

Product Info

Colour Name Enchanted Department Women
Finish Metallic Model Number C003
Model Name C003

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