Neo Hair Lotion 120ml

Brand Green Wealth
Price AED 125.0
Discount 28.0%


About the product:
For people with hair loss, baldness men and women. Can help reduce hair loss, baldness, help blood circulation on the scalp. Stimulates blood circulation of the scalp cells, causing the hair follicle to receive nutrients, resulting in the hair root being alerted, accelerating hair growth.

About the brand:
Green wealth is a successful cosmetic brand from Thailand.

Purified Water, Ethanol, Ethoxy Diglycol, Propylene Glycol, Ginseng Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Cantaloupe Extract, Coconut Oil, Honey.

How to use:
1. Gently comb your hair and apply Neo Hair Lotion on your scalp.
2. Use regularly in the morning and at night.
3. For best results, it is recommended to wash your hair with a mild shampoo or baby shampoo, and then use Neo Hair Lotion.
4. Regular using the product can provide the result faster than other way.
5. Use 1-3 bottles of product to see the result.

About this item

  • Helps blood circulation on the scalp
  • People with hair loss, baldness, baldness, men and women can help reduce hair loss, baldness
  • Provides the result faster than other products
  • Helps reduce and inhibit hair loss from genetic causes
  • Reduce the oiliness of the scalp

Product Info

Size 120 ml Department Unisex
What's In The Box Neo Hair Lotion Single Pack Target Skin Type All Skin Types
Target Hair Type All Hair Types Model Name Neo Hair

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