mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub (250 gm)

Brand MCaffeine
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"WHY COFFEE SCALP SCRUB? Coffee Scalp Scrub helps in reducing 99% of dandruff-causing microbes that feed on scalp oils.* Our scalps need just as much care as the rest of our skin. Product buildup, excess oil, and dandruff on the scalp can make the hair roots weak and so it’s time to add exfoliation to your hair care regime! This exfoliating coffee scrub for hair will effectively remove excess oil and product residue. It will help you get the healthiest scalp that feels cleansed and refreshed! The Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub is a unique product that will revolutionize the way you take care of your scalp! It is supercharged with Coffee Powder which exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. It helps in dandruff control and clears buildup efficiently. Caffeine in Coffee along with massaging action helps in root stimulation. This Scalp Scrub also has Natural AHA which supports exfoliation and dead skin removal just like Coffee. Natural AHA has dandruff controlling properties and helps to clear out buildup. Rosemary in the scrub soothes inflammation, cools, and heals the scalp. Coffee Scalp Scrub will revive your scalp with its unique gel-based formula that has raw coffee particles! The scrub will perk up your senses with its heavenly coffee aroma. This Coffee Scalp scrub for dandruff will energize your scalp and is Vegan, Cruelty-free & Peta Certified. It is free from SLS and Paraben. Its FDA-approved and dermatologically tested formula will suit all hair types. *Concluded by a lab that is ISO-17025 accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL)."

About this item

  • • EXFOLIATION | DANDRUFF CONTROL | ROOT STIMULATION: Scalp Scrub is 99% effective in reducing dandruff-causing microbes.Get clean and healthy scalp with the Coffee Scalp Scrub that offers effective exfoliation, dandruff control and root stimulation.
  • • PURE COFFEE AND CAFFEINE INFUSED, HEALTHY HAIR: The Coffee Scalp Scrub is made up of pure coffee powder that is a natural exfoliator and helps to get rid of all the dandruff from normal, dry to oily scalp types.
  • • POWERFUL INGREDIENTS, GENDER NEUTRAL: The Coffee scalp scrub is loaded with a rich blend of hair friendly ingredients like Natural AHA and Rosemary that helps to refresh and revive the scalp and hair health.
  • It removes buildup from the scalp, giving a cleansed, refreshed scalp. It also removes excess oil and dirt from the scalp and stimulates the hair roots. **ISO-17025 accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL).
  • Infused with coffee and caffeine which is a superfood for your hair, this scalp scrub helps to achieve a clean and healthy scalp.Rosemary helps to soothe and cool the scalp while Natural AHA supports exfoliation and clears all the buildup.

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Size 250 grams Department Unisex

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