Mava Stop 10ml

Brand Mavala
Price AED 40.0
Discount 14.0%


Break the Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking Habit
Nail-biting is a nervous habit that affects men, women, and children equally. Nail-biting causes embarrassment exposes you to germs and viruses that cause illness and damages the nails and nail beds. Nail-biting and thumb sucking can also cause expensive dental and orthodontic problems.

  • For adults and children over the age of 3
  • Recommended by Dentists, Orthodontists and Pediatricians
  • Harmless yet bitter tastes stop the nail-biting habit
  • Also stops the thumb sucking habit

About this item

  • It taste bitter on your mouth to give you a reminder and stop nail biting and thumb sucking habit harmlessly
  • Precisely designed to offer a comfortable and firm grip
  • Maintain healthy and strong nails and keep hands out of mouth to prevent spread of germs

Product Info

Size 10 ml Department Women

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