Fabric Softener Blue 4L

Brand Comfort
Price AED 34.0
Discount 4.0%


Comfort understands that clothes are more than just fabrics. They tell stories about identity and culture, they carry our memories. They have power and we love them. We know how important it is to make those beloved items last. The old and new, homemade and store bought, branded, unbranded, crafted, mended, vintage, recycled, swapped, borrowed, and inherited. That is why Comfort produces high-quality fabric softener ranges that not only leave your clothes soft, but they also smell nice. Our products add life back to your clothes, enhancing how they look, feel, and smell. Give your clothes the softness of spring dew essence. With Comfort Fabric Spring Dew softener, your clothes will burst with the fragrance that you love. Just add Comfort to the final rinse water by simply using the no mess cap to dose straight into the top load. For front loading washing machine, adjust the dose in the specified compartment. Your clothes will feel fresher than ever. Do not pour directly onto fabrics. Refer to the bottle for instructions Store in a cool, dry place, Keep out of children's reach. Wash hands after use. If splashed in eyes, rinse out well with water. Not intended for oral consumption. Love your clothes. Care for them. Make them last.

About this item

  • Comfort Fabric Softener Spring Dew provides super softness and a long-lasting fragrance: the fresh feeling of newly washed clothes.
  • Comfort provides freshness after each laundry wash and helps your clothes stay beautiful wash after wash.
  • Maintains hygiene, color and shine, helps makes your clothes as incredible as you are. Whatever your look, wear it bright, soft and fresh.
  • This fabric softener protects against odors on your laundry.
  • Comfort fabric softener promotes fast-drying, your laundry clothes will be left soft and easy to iron when compared to using just a detergent.

Product Info

Colour Name Blue Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Formation Liquid Model Number 67237
Size 4 L Target Use/Application Laundry

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