Automatic Laundry Powder Detergent Original Scent 9kg

Brand Tide
Price AED 85.0
Discount 4.0%


Do your Laundry effortlessly with Tide Powder detergent. It will provide your clothes with Tide's best whiteness and give you brilliant cleanliness without extra steps, even on your dirtiest load. Let its fresh clean scent transport you in a pleasant breeze while doing your laundry. This detergent is designed for full automatic washing machine.

About this item

  • Tide's Best Whiteness: Bright and Brilliant white without effort
  • Less Laundry time
  • Excellent dirt removal even on your dirtiest loads
  • No extra steps e. g. pre-soaking, prewashing, scrubbing
  • Fresh Clean scent

Product Info

Product Weight 9 KG Size 9 kg
Model Number 13358

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