4-Piece Rechargeable Univarsal Batteries Silver

Brand Energizer
Price AED 55.0


Get more power and long lasting performance for your electronic devices and save yourself money with the rechargeable energizer universal batteries. The energizer rechargeable aaa size battery provides you the great performance and reliability of portable power, efficient, and a longer lifespan. Created to last longer than regular batteries and to minimize waste within your office and home, these 1.2 V aaa batteries can be recharged hundreds of times while remaining powerful and effective. Featuring nickle metal alloy, the battery cells are safe and durable, and work perfectly with high and low-drain devices, so you can use them to power digital cameras, wireless gaming systems or larger devices. Reliable and long-lasting, the energizer rechargeable batteries nh12 700 mAh are an eco-conscious choice. Chemical system: nickel metal hydride (Nimh) Pre-charged and ready to use Excellent charge retention: holds charge for up to 1 year Excellent cycle life: re-use batteries up to 1000 times Good power performance in high-tech devices Ideal for a wide range of devices such as wireless headphones, wireless keyboards and remote control toys

About this item

  • Pack of four AAA batteries can be used in several gadgets and accessories
  • Rechargeable batteries help conserve energy and can be used for several years
  • High-quality nickel batteries can be charged up to 1000 times
  • Universal design is compatible with all kinds of devices

Product Info

Battery Type AAA Battery Type AAA
Colour Name Silver Model Number 1,2VAAHR03
Item Qty 4 Product Height 14 cm
Product Length 12 cm Product Weight 20 g
Product Width/Depth 3 cm

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