14 Piece Teeth Whitening Strips Cherry Blossoms

Brand Daigiit
Price AED 24.0


Heart-warming experience: +2 pieces are used as a free trial pack. If the customer does not want to need it after the experience, the other 1 box can be fully refunded as long as there is no damage! Cherry Blossom Enzyme Teeth Strips Become your teeth whitening assistant! Safe and natural ingredients, whitening teeth without side effects, safe brushing can remove surface stains and whiten teeth. Make your smile look more attractive and confident than ever! How is it different from a physical store: higher quality cheaper price

About this item

  • Enzyme Whitening Teeth Strips: active whitening formula, does not damage tooth enamel, decomposes stubborn tooth stains, releases active oxygen atoms, innovative whitening technology
  • Good experience: strong adhesion, not easy to fall off; low HP content, mild and comfortable; cherry blossom fragrance, a new experience of comfortable and beautiful teeth, fully activated effect is obvious
  • Easy to use: The self-adhesive design makes it easy to use, just stick it for 30 minutes and tear it off without affecting your thirst to drink water, so you can use them immediately at home or even on the road
  • Carry it with you: Just take a small bag and put it in your pocket or bag every day without any burden. Confident and charming all day
  • Non-sensitive formula, people with sensitive teeth, people with dental disease or people who have had dental restoration surgery, etc., please use it under the guidance of a doctor!

Product Info

Colour Name 1 BOX Department Unisex
Formation Paste Shelf Life 2 year

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